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Aggressive Balanced Income Style   


The objective of the Aggressive Balanced Income Style is to provide investors with a means of acquiring current income (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually) for current distribution or accumulation purposes. The account will generally establish, but is not limited to, investing in more than one and no more than 15 positions (6.6% of portfolio value) of the following types of securities:


Corporate Bonds (CB)

       - Investment Grade, High Yield (Non-Investment Grade)


Master Limited Partnerships (MLP)

       - Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Timberlands/Timber Operations, Chemicals, and Refining, Real Estate


U.S. Government, U. S. Agency, State Municipal, and Local Municipal Bonds

Public Utility Equities

       - Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Hydro-Electric Companies


Banking equities, debt, and preferred equities of banks or bank holding companies, whether they are U.S. domestic or foreign, will not be purchased for the client’s account. While some diversified industrial companies selected may include financial activities, those activities related to lending and/or financial services are not a majority of the company’s business as measured as a percentage of annual revenues.


The portfolios may not be “fully invested” either initially or at any time.  The selection and purchase of each security will be established at the appropriate time and price, as determined by the investment adviser. As a result, accounts may from time to time maintain significant cash, short term investments, or money market positions in order to wait for market conditions to improve, as a result of selling a specific investment, or due to establishing a new account in a deliberate approach as deemed favorable and beneficial to the client.  Additionally, dividends, interest payments, and/or partnership distributions may be immediately reinvested or may be accumulated in the account for later distribution to the client.


The investment styles offered involve risk and are not suitable for all investors.  Principal loss is possible.  Investment strategies may be concentrated, which means a client may be invested in a single security or industry that comprises a significant portion of their total investable assets and as a result, these strategies may be more susceptible to a single adverse economic or financial occurrence affecting one or more of these issuers and returns may be volatile.


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